Friday, 4 May 2012

Fancy That Friday; Nostalgia

I got to come here when I was 10-years-old! Best trip ever.

Rocko's Modern Life nails! All kinds of awesome.

I loooved Goosebumps as a kid. I read them all!

If you don't know these two, you missed out! It's still one of my favorite movies.

This desk embodies the majority of my childhood!

In west Philadelphia, born and raised...

So true haha!

I love this Boy Meets World reference!

Oh my gosh, so nineties!!

I apoligize to any readers who have no idea what any of these references are. Now that I only have one more year of college left, I've been feeling super old haha. Not old in the sense that "oh my gosh is that a wrinkle??" but more like, "wow I'll be entering the real world soon."

The real world to me means no more naps whenever I feel like it, no more 4-month-long summer vacations, no more staying up super late on weeknights, getting a full-time job, etc. It's incredibly frightening to be honest! I know I'll be able to adapt, of course, but just remebering bits and pieces from my childhood like the above pictures gives me a peace of mind. :)


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