Thursday, 31 May 2012

Pin Drop

{ F21 skirt & belt | Old Navy top | GoJane wedges | vintage ring }

I decided to go for a simple feminine look for today's outfit implemented with some neutral tones, a pretty blush color (hello again high-low skirts) and topped off with a floral print. I adored these shoes when I first saw them at (my favorite online shop for cheap finds), but the wedge is a bit slim so I tend to stumble in them (not so feminine of me). Or maybe I'm just clumsy. Eh, I'll just blame the shoes.

I'm kind of ecstatic right now because I finally figured out how to add a "pin it" button to the bottom of all my blog posts (something I've been trying to do forever). I can't believe I didn't have to rely on Trae for this one; he's the go-to guy whenever my computer decides it hates me. So yeah, take THAT technology! Now all you pinners out there can pin my photos to your own pinterests if you wish! Please let me know if you have any trouble with it!


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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

June Sponsorship

I am now accepting new sponsors for the month of June! Remember, I offer free button swaps (small size - 200x75) to anyone who follows my blog (must have at least 100 followers), but only a few spots are available so be sure to email me ( to reserve a space!

 In addition, I offer medium, large and extra large ad space for super cheap (no need to be a follower). The rates won't always be this low so take advantage of it while you still can! :) I also decided to offer an XXL size for just one person who would really like to get maximum exposure for their blog or business. Paypal is the preferred method of payment.

Click here for more information on rates, benefits, & statistics!

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Monday, 28 May 2012

Polished Safari

{ F21 top | skirt c/o Sugarlips | Target heels | James Avery rose ring | vintage watch & "R" ring | mom's belt | gifted bangle }

I have been looking for an elephant-printed shirt for the longest time, so when my friend tweeted me a picture of this top she found, I instantly broke my rule of "no shopping for the summer." I just had to have it! I knew I wanted to first try styling it with some leopard accents, and then I remembered my zebra-print bangle and thought, what the heck? Let's just make this an all-out safari inspired ensemble! More of a fancy safari though, hehe.

When I received this gorgeous skirt from Sugarlips Apparel, I was over the moon! As soon as I saw it on their website, I knew I wanted it in my closet. I love it's neutral tone with the added pop of pink and pale teal trimming at the ends for some extra color. The skirt is so light and flowy which is perfect for summer weather! You can buy one for yourself here!

And happy Memorial Day to all US readers! :)


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Sunday, 27 May 2012

My Week through Instagram

This was a very busy week filled with preparing for a garage sale my family held yesterday. I dug into the crevices of my closet taking out old clothes from high school I never wear anymore. Ugh, to think about how much money I spent back then (before I discovered the joys of thrifting) is embarrassing. Oh well, I made a decent amount of dough from it all so I can't complain! 

 In case you're wondering, "what the heck is that woman wearing", my mom was invited to a party where the theme was to dress tacky. So naturally, she comes into my room looking for clothes and accessories. Ehhh.... thanks mom. -__- 


 p.s.// you can follow me on Instagram here!
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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Guest Post on The Charley Girl

I'm over at The Charley Girl today with a recent outfit and talking about
my personal tips on print-mixing! Be sure to check it out! :)

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Friday, 25 May 2012

Fancy That Friday

The accessories really make this outfit stand out!
This custom cake of my favorite TV show character!! Genius.

This has convinced me I need to get my hands on a kimono!

These adorable strawberry throw pillows!
  This Harry Potter themed apron! Love it.

hahahaha. yup.

This inspirational picture!

This awesome mix of prints!

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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A Walk on the Beach

{ F21 dress & belt | Keds shoes | vintage rings & bracelet | mom's hat | thrifted necklace | Aldo sunnies }

Trae has been working nonstop these past couple of weeks, so when he was finally given a day off last Friday we decided to jump on the opportunity and head down to the beach! It was nice to get away for a couple days. Now back to reality!

These Saturday morning pictures were taken on our way to an outdoor beach bar that serves breakfast (I promise I don't always just wear clothes to the beach hehe)! I wanted to wear something light and breezy, and my jewelry pieces just happened to match the beach theme. Threw on a floppy hat and I was ready to go! Anyone else have beach plans this summer?

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Monday, 21 May 2012

Snappy Casual

{ F21 top, shorts, belt, & rings | GoJane wedges | Walgreens temporary tattoos | Aldo sunnies }

 I've been having a slight obsession with denim tops lately. I was actually on the look out for a denim vest when I came across this pretty number. It's a bit longer than I wanted, but I guess beggars can't be choosers!

 I wore this to a brunch my spirit group put on a couple weekends ago. They told us to dress "snappy casual," and this was my take on it. Apparently I don't understand the phrase because everyone else was wearing pretty dresses! Oh well, I still got compliments on my awesome kitty/puppy temporary tattoos. So hood, right? :P


p.s.// I was recently interviewed at, a website
for girls in college! Click here to check it out if you want!
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Saturday, 19 May 2012

My Week through Instagram

Other than my favorite Beatles mug ever falling to it's demise (a shelf randomly came unhinged), not much went on this week. Just worked, slept, and ate my weight in oreo balls that I made the other night (shown in the first picture on the second row). Would y'all be interested in a recipe on how I made them? They're kind of like cake balls except they taste like oreos, and it's waaay easier to make!

Does anyone else watch Game of Thrones on HBO? The series as well as the books have become so popular over the past year. Now that I have so much time off, I finally decided to pick up the books again and get reading! I definitely recommend them! Or if you're lazy you could just watch the TV show haha I won't judge!

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Friday, 18 May 2012

Fancy That Friday

This beautiful photo makes me want to buy a bike pronto!

I'm slightly obsessed with the decor for this room. Want!

Galaxy nails! I have always wanted to try this!

Aaaaaand this is why I want a bulldog! So precious!

This array of colored denim, swoon.

For some reason this drawing gets me so inspired!

I totally want to recreate this outfit! I'm in love!


p.s.// I finally caved and created a Facebook page for the blog.
Feel free to like it here if you wish!
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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Ole Reliable

{ F21 skirt, dress (worn underneath) & black ring | UO shoes | vintage belt & gold ring | gifted bracelets }

I wore this outfit this past weekend to a local Mexican restaurant in order to celebrate my aunt's birthday! My hometown serves the best Mexican food ever (I've never been to Mexico, so I can't compare), so when I'm home from college I make sure to get my fill which usually involves putting myself into multiple food comas. Hey, no regrets!

I'm workin' the "wear a dress underneath" effect with this outfit. These days, I use dresses way more as tops and skirts rather than show the entire thing. Weird, right? That's why they are probably the most reliable pieces in my closet, because they increase the number of my potential looks tenfold!

I was recently featured on discussing shopping tips & my current favorite trends!
Check out the interview here! :)


And the winner of the SwimSpot giftcard giveaway is... #62 // Stefanie!
Congrats! Please email me to claim your prize!

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