Saturday, 30 April 2011


From this... this!

I'm stuck at the apartment this weekend writing papers, so to cheer me up Trae made me this from photoshop! It's a collage of all (or most) of the pictures we've taken together throughout our relationship; I wish I could show yall all the detail, but the real size photo is too big to fit on screen! Plus you'd probably get sick of looking at so many pictures of us haha. Still, I took a piece of the photo to give you guys an idea of what I mean :) This was a pleasant surprise! That boy is so sweet.

Can you believe tomorrow is May 1st?! I mean, where did the time go? Oh well, I'm not complaining! May means Summer and Summer means no school!! This is the last weekend of the semester that I'll have to sacrifice to write essays. Hallelujah! Do you guys have any fun Summer plans??

I hope you all are having a better weekend than I am!


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Friday, 29 April 2011

Sign Language


The city of Austin is so cute sometimes.

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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ello Ello Ello

This title only sounds right when said in a British accent... C'mon say it, you know you want to!

Who's staying up to watch the Royal Wedding? Not me. I want to, but over here it won't be airing until 4 AM. Which means the wedding over in England will be at 10 AM. Huh. Seems a bit early for a wedding... But I guess when the whole world is watching, you have to make it a whole day event, yes? My cousin Matthew over in England told me today everyone over there is freaking out haha! I probably would be too.

I'm mainly curious to see what her dress looks like. I've always had this sort of fascination with wedding dresses and how different women go about choosing theirs. I love watching the show "Say Yes to the Dress" on TLC hehe. It's crazy how much we are willing to spend for a dress we're only going to wear once in our lives. Still, I've seen some girls able to buy a gorgeous dress for less than $500! Not bad, eh? I have a feeling I will be very indecisive when that day comes for me. If you're married, how did you go about choosing your dress? What made it the dress?

Oh! I forgot to mention Trae and I ordered our new DSLR camera last week so it should be coming in tomorrow or Saturday! Unfortunately, I don't get to use it, or even see it, until Mothers Day weekend (did you remember to get a gift? hmmmm?). I can't wait! I can finally start making this blog what I intended it to look like!

Yeesh. I am so relieved this week is finally over! At least for me it is since I don't have school on Fridays (sorry everyone else). Although I must confess, it went by pretty fast for me thanks to some of my classes being canceled. However, registration for Fall 2011 courses has been stressing me out. I need to take one last semester of Italian and when I went to register, it was all filled up! :( Argghhhh. This happens EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I need a class for my degree, and I can't get into it. Thankfully, it's not just me that has to deal with this. Bleh! Alright, I'm done.

One last thing, I finally finished my Bucket List! I haven't created a link for it yet, but I will get right on it! In the meantime, you can see it here.


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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Tuney Tuesday


Corny title right? Oh well, a little corn never hurt anyone!
This past Valentines Day I made Trae a mix CD with all my favorite love songs that remind me of him (because I'm cheesy like that). Afterward, I started creating multiple playlists of different song genres on my ipod like happy songs, breakup songs, dance beats, etc. I wanted to share with everyone what I've come up with, so let me know if you have any additions or recommendations! I can never have too much music on my ipod, so I love when people tell me about bands or songs I've never heard of! You may have heard some or most of these songs, but hopefully I'll introduce something you haven't listened to yet. Here's my first playlist!

Feel Good Songs:
Corona and Lime - Shwayze
P.Y.T. - Michael Jackson
Dog Days are Over - Florence + the Machine
Put your Records On - Corrine Bailey Rae
The Sound of Sunshine - Michael Franti and Spearhead

Coyotes - Jason Mraz
The Rock Show - Blink 182
Lay me Down - The Dirty Heads
Big Yellow Taxi - Counting Crows
American Boy - Estelle

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Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter recap

Hello! I hope everyone had a happy Easter! Mine was entertaining to say the least. Trae and I went to my grandfather's ranch in Floresville, Texas to see my family around noonish. We grilled BBQ, cracked cascarones, hid Easter eggs for the kiddos, and then watched the children attempt to destroy the pinata for candy. It's funny to watch my little cousins experiencing what I went through when I was their age: the fun and competition of finding the biggest egg for the grand prize, the disappointment when you didn't find it, and wanting to be the one that cracks open the pinata for good whilst claiming the head to take home for your victory (only to throw it away the next day haha). One of the few downsides to having long, thick hair is getting confetti trapped in those hard-to-see places; seriously, even a shower couldn't get them all out! No need to worry though, I got everyone back ;)

What did you do on Easter? Does your family have any Easter traditions?

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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Me in photographs

I've seen many people post one of these on Facebook as well as Blogger, so I wanted to make one as well! Right now I'm home in San Antonio for Easter visiting my family and Trae's family so I better make this quick! I just wanted to give readers a little bit more of a look inside my life. Some of these pics are super old and most of them are super embarrassing! Oh and I may have tweaked a few of the original titles... Enjoy! :)

1. someone I spend a lot of time with:

2. a picture of myself:

3. a picture of someone in my family (my pops):

4. a picture of something that makes me happy (pigging out haha):

5. an old picture of myself (freshman year of highschool):

6. a random photo of me and my significant other:

7. a picture I've never shown before:

8. a relative(s) of mine:

9. a friend I share the most with:

10. a picture of something I love to do for fun (go to a concert!):

11. a picture from a place I love: England <3

12. a picture that reminds me of old times:

13. a picture from a great night:

14. an unsual picture:

15. a picture of my spare time (drawing):

16. a picture of me looking ridiculous:

17. a picture of someone who is always there (my mama):

18. a picture of a time in life I miss:

19. a picture from last summer:

20. a picture of a past accomplishment (graduating a summa cum laude!):

21. a picture that makes me laugh:
22. a picture that would be hard to explain:

23. the most recent picture of myself:

24. a picture from my favorite trip:

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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Fancy That Friday

I didn't end up writing that paper as I had hoped, so tonight I really need to buckle down! Sometimes I completely loathe my uncanny ability to procrastinate until the last second. So this post will be short and sweet!

First of all, GOOD NEWS! I made a 98 on my midterm exam in my class called "Race, Ethnicity, and the Media." I love that class; it has really opened my eyes a lot and has made me view the world as well as minorities, stereotypes, racism, and the media in a whole new perspective. Hopefully one day I can share what I've learned on this blog.

Trae and I have found a potential candidate for the new DSLR camera we want to buy! It's the Canon Rebel T2i which looks pretty amazing. Does anyone else use this camera for their blog? Or maybe something similar? This camera is going to cost a pretty penny, so we've decided to share the price. I am so excited! However, I was planning on using my savings for a general admission ticket for Taylor Swift's concert coming in October (I love her), but it looks like I may have to wait. :( Maybe I will get lucky and someone will buy me tickets for my birthday hehe.

So, the reason behind the title of this post is that I'm going to start a series of (hopefully) weekly posts where I basically just let you guys know a few random things that I'm currently loving! Or as the English girl in me would say, the things I fancy... haha. Seriously, they really do say that a lot. Or at least my cousins and their friends do. All of the photos will be linked back to where I originally found them.
So here's the first list! :)

1. Lace
You can wear lace so many different ways!

2. Feathers
So cute for earrings.

3. Polka-dots
The 50s are making a comeback.

4. Pattern tights
Love love love these.

5. Floral shorts
I want some so bad!

6. Geek-Chic glasses
Unfortunately, I have yet to find a pair that doesn't make me look ridiculous.

7. Tribal patterns
I actually have this dress in another color hehe.

8. Stripes
I can't get enough.

9. Nautical
Summer is fast approaching!

10. Combat boots
I found a GREAT pair once at Aldo, but they would have cost an arm and a leg! Sigh.

Tell me what you think! What new trends are you loving right now?

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Monday, 18 April 2011

New layout!

I wanted to try something different for my blog. I am so indecisive, but I will try to resist changing the details too often hehe. I don't have many followers yet, so I don't think I need anything fancy as of now. Sometimes it's nice to keep things simple :) What do you guys think?

I didn't go to any of my classes today. I am trying to finish an essay that's due next week that way I can have time to go to Easter with my family this Sunday!  I also have to write another essay about any video on youtube that contests to racism. I've been looking for hours, and a lot of the stuff I've seen is so sad and offensive. Even cartoons like Loony Toons were showing/saying things that nowadays would be completely inappropriate. I still don't know which to write about though.... As I've said before, I am not good at writing papers.

I better get back to work, so for your entertainment: random pictures taken from my cellphone!

I saw this bike on campus at school (the design is the Texas flag!); I wish I had one!

Cute colored glasses given to Trae and I at a Thai restaurant! How sweet. Which reminds me... Who ever decided pink was for girls and blue was for boys? Just wondering...

I drew these whilst bored in my Italian class. I enjoy drawing random cartoon animals heh...

Blurry picture, but I love catching his real smile. :)

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