Sunday, 17 April 2011

Roxy moves away

Trae's sister, Roxy, got married about a month ago to her longtime love, Luke. Today, they moved away to 29 Palms in California where Luke is stationed (he's a marine). It's crazy how fast this day came! I remember Roxy telling me her future plans a year ago! Saturday we spent helping them pack a U-Haul with all of their furniture, wedding presents,and various belongings. We spent the night hanging out and played a boardgame called "Funglish" (which I dominated!) while some of the extended family came over to see Roxy before she left to California.
It seemed like the family had so much more time to spend with her and then poof! All gone. It was sad to see her go, but we know we'll see her again soon! It's exciting to think another chapter of her life is just now starting!
We'll miss you, Roxy!

For the little bit of weekend we had left, Trae and I went to a couple stores to check out a few DSLR cameras. I've never been sure what's a good brand to get, but I do know Canon has never let me down before. Is Nikon any better? I wish I had some suggestions. We decided whatever camera we decide on we will split the cost and share it (since they are so expensive!!). I can't wait until I can finally put some better quality pictures on my blog. :)

Here are a few pictures of the family's goodbyes. Ciao!!

Her mom will miss her the most!

Roxy and Luke getting ready to go!

Luke's best friends giving him a heartfelt goodbye ;)

 Little boys are silly (especially during serious moments haha).

Her brother JR giving one last hug!

Trae and his sister

Watching them leave :(

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