Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Beach Bum

Not much of an outfit per se, but I thought it would be fun to do a beach edition post. These photos were taken in South Padre Island which, in my opinion, has the best beach in Texas. The water is clear, and there isn't a whole bunch of dried up seaweed on the shores like other beaches. I wanted to take my cousins from England to the beach before they left (they leave tomorrow morning, so sad!!) so that they could see why we all love it here. I've been going to this same beach since I was little, but before I met Trae, I hadn't gone in almost 3 years. Trae and his whole family are total beach bums, so I've been going pretty often these days! I'm so grateful they let us use their condo! The drive is 4 1/2 hours, but it's totally worth it.

And those sunglasses I'm wearing (which I've been wearing for the past year & a half) have finally broke. I am a sad panda.

( F21 tank; American Eagle bikini; Target sunnies )
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Sunday, 26 June 2011

I'm a Big Kid Now.

( F21 dress, belt, necklace & cardigan; shoes are from some shop in England )

Who knew mixing prints could be so fun? I usually like to stick to stripes and florals when I mix patterns, so for this look I attempted to step out of my comfort zone and pair a leopard print with a floral dress. Not bad, hmm? The outfit was a little too dark for me, so I just added the pink pumps for some color! Trae told me my heels were so shiny that they reminded him of toys. Although I love playing games with my shoes such as Cowboy boots vs. Indian moccasins (get it? Cowboys & Indians? eh....), I actually got these heels at a shop in England (who knows what it was called) where the woman who sold them promised me they were for big girls. So there. I'll admit it though... they are pretty shiny. Anyways... what are your favorite patterns to mix?


P.S. Just realized I've reached over 100 followers! Thank you guys so much! :)
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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Think Again

( Steve Madden sandals; F21 batik heart shorts, top, & belt )

When I bought these shorts, I honestly thought it was a skirt. The material is so light and flowy I guess I just didn't notice when I tried them on. Or I was too preoccupied with the print. Seriously, I love this print. It's some sort of tribal heart design I had never seen before! Pretty sweet, yes? Yes. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately... ? depending on your preferences), whenever a breeze blows by, my shorts poof up and give me a kind of MC Hammer look which I wouldn't mind if I were back in the 80's... But I'm not, so I'll stick to non-poofy clothes thank you very much.

We spent a little tourist time downtown last night. Across from the Alamo, there is a street full of things to do. My cousins wanted to check out the Mirror Maze and part of the Ripley's Believe It or Not exhibit (which featured the tallest man to ever live and the biggest woman... or man, I wasn't sure). The Mirror Maze was so confusing! We all kept getting separated from each other, and I kept running into myself (ouch)! It was even worse when we put on the 3-D glasses which basically made the room spin! It was a lot of fun though. We had to wear gloves so not to get fingerprints on the mirrors. I liked how the colors of the lights changed during the maze, except when it made everything red... it made me feel like I was right smack in a Stephen King horror film. Yikes.

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

English Wonders

( F21 shorts, Kohls top, Target sandals and bracelet )

My cousins from England have been having a great time while visiting America, but it's weird for me to be a tourist in a city I spend almost every day. They've been taking pictures of things I see to be mundane, yet to them, they've never seen anything like it. For example, yesterday we went to Walmart to pick up a couple things, and they said, "Take a picture of us!" In my mind I think, why on Earth would you want a picture in front of a Walmart... granted they have great low prices, but really? ... Then I remembered they don't have Walmarts in England, but they know what they are due to news, television, and movies (I'm guessing). My cousin Matthew even wanted a picture with a box of Lucky Charms cereal. I told him to next time go for the box of Frosted Flakes... they're much more photogenic.

So far I've taken them downtown to see the Alamo, the Riverwalk, and up to the Tower of Amreicas. One thing they noticed is how many drive-through places we have, and that they're not all McDonald's (which is the only one they have in England) haha. I want to take them to my city's theme park and maybe even take them to Austin to show them where I go to college. We all went and saw the Green Lantern last night which was pretty cool. I told them about the certain theaters we have that serve food during the movie (other than popcorn, hotdogs, nachos, etc) to which Matthew responded, "why is this country always eating?" ...ummm..... because it's good!

These pictures were taken on Father's Day, so of course I had to sneak a picture of my dad in here! Don't we look alike? Some people say I look like my mother, but I think that's just because they can't look past my hair and skin color (which matches my mother's exactly). With no makeup on and my hair pulled back, I look just like my father. We even used to have the same teeth! But in high school I got braces, so I didn't have a huge gap anymore. Trae said it best when he told me I'm like "a female sketch of my dad, but with my mom's coloring" haha he is so right. My dad is an amazing person, and I'm so grateful to have him in my life. I am my dad's one and only child, so it's nice not having to share him :) Love you, Dad.

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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Some rules were meant to be broken

( F21 entire outfit except my Target sunglasses )

I have this rule I try to enforce which is "never buy the same thing twice in a different color". It's my lame attempt to save money as well as to force myself to introduce new articles of clothing into my closet instead of the same ol' thing. Now that I'm looking at my wardrobe, I see that I'm not very efficient at following my own rule. I have two of the same dresses, blouses, shorts, rompers, skirts, and even shoes... but in a different color. Way to go, Rachel. You little rebel you (input sarcasm here). Even my skirt, does it seem familiar? In my defense, this skirt was only 5 bucks. How could I not say "yes!!" yet again?

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Thursday, 16 June 2011

The British are Coming!

In case you guys are just tuning in, I am half English. My dad is a %100 Brit, and I was also born over there! The first picture you see always cracks me up. I mean, seriously, I look like i walked into the wrong family!! Haha, just blame my mom for all of the Hispanic traits she gave me ;) Can you tell who is who with the most recent picture? It shouldn't be that hard! It's funny how I only have four cousins from my dad's side, but on my mom's side, I can't even count the number of cousins I have! Anyone else have a big family like that?

I wish I could bring my whole family from across the pond over here! Sadly, only two are coming to visit, but I'm still excited nonetheless! Their names are Matthew and Chloe (in the above photos), and they are the oldest of the four which I'm guessing is why they were the only ones able to travel by themselves all the way to the states! They are so different from each other, but compared to me, they both represent a separate part of my personality. Matthew is my intellectual side; we're both really smart, we both go to a university, and we both love to just chill out with a good movie. Chloe is my girly side; we both love shopping and enjoy going out to have a good time.

They arrive pretty late tonight, so I'll be picking them up at the airport around 10 pm. I can't wait to show them around Texas. I told my friend Daniela the other night, "I don't want them to think Texas is boring!" to which she replied, "But it is!!" haha thanks Daniela :P I, personally, love Texas. I just hope I can make them love it too! They are only here for two weeks, so I probably won't be posting as much as I'd like. But I guess we'll see! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

It's Too Hot for Tights

Target romper and tights
Charlotte Russe cardigan
F21 shoes

This is true. You wouldn't catch me in tights during the daytime in 100 degree weather, but thankfully, although it may not look like it, these picture were taken in the evening right before Trae and I headed to the movies. It was still hot outside, but not as bad. I am always freezing in the theater (especially if I'm wearing shorts), so this time I planned ahead! These tights kept me warm and toasty; it was worth the funny looks I got!

We saw "X-MEN: First Class" which I thought was amazing! I love all the X-men movies, so I'm relieved this one was no different. I'd recommend going to see it if you might have been on the fence about it. We got there at 7:30 thinking the movie started at 8:00, but apparently I read the times wrong and it instead was starting at 7:35. I almost didn't want to go altogether because I thought all the good seats would've been taken (I loathe sitting at the very front, it hurts my neck!), but we bit the bullet and it turned out there were plenty of seats left. Phew! Crisis averted.

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Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Face of Fury

Urban Outfitters top
F21 skirt and shoes
Ring was a gift

Sometimes I can mask my emotions so well. In this photoshoot I am so pissed off haha. Why? Well let me tell you! I was running late to Trae's house, and when I got there, we had about 40 or so minutes before the sun fell. So, I rush inside and Trae is playing some computer game which is fine, but for 5 minutes I needed him RIGHT THEN. I begged him to please come outside for a moment to take pictures to which he said, "Okay hold on, this game will only take a few minutes." Nooooooooooooooooooo! Okay. So I wait a few minutes. Then some more minutes. He eventually finishes (25 minutes left), and as soon as he does, he gets a phone call which took an extra huge chunk of time. 

By this point, I'm not only anxious, I'm starving! We planned to go out for pizza and I was just about ready to pass out! Finally, with minutes to spare, we leave the house and got a couple shots just before sunset. I'm the type of person where when I have an empty stomach, I am cranky. Like a baby, but instead of crying about it, I sat there in a silent state of rage. I know it's because I'm super impatient...  which I'm trying to work on! Props to Trae though; this boy wonder is always able to make me smile even when I refuse to talk out of sheer anger. Gotta love the kid.

As you can see, we did make it to the restaurant, and all was right with the world again. There was live music and the pizza was pretty tasty, so who am I to complain? That smile in the last photo isn't fake or forced, for I finally got my pizza! Who could be mad with pizza in their belly... No really, WHO??

If you ever read this, Trae, thanks for putting up with my impatience and crabbiness :)

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Friday, 10 June 2011

Let There be Height

F21 shorts and top
Jessica Simpson heels

I think this may be the first post where I'm actually wearing heels (not wedges)! It's not that I hate wearing them, I mean, who hates wearing heels? They make our legs look better as well as add on a few extra inches of height (something us shorties don't take for granted)! But I'm not going to wear heels in any of my pictures unless I actually wear them out that day/night. Sometimes I see blog posts of girls out & about during the daytime wearing the only kind of shoes I'd usually see at a club or a dark alley (just kidding... usually). I'm like, "girl, did you really wear those things the whole time or are your flats in your bag?" Which I do sometimes too just in case, so no judgement here! Props to them if they really do wear those shoes the entire day. Wish I could! In this case though, these heels were worn out to a simple dinner with Trae, so no flats were needed. :)

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