Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Summer Blockbusters

One of my favorite things about Summer is all the new movies coming out! I've basically been staring at this poster of Johnny Depp for days haha I mean, how can you not?? Ahhhh I just love him!

My outfit posts have to be put on hold yet again which is a total bummer. I'm up in Austin until Monday night for my four finals, so I won't have time to post any! Tomorrow I've got my Italian and History finals (one right after the other), Saturday is my Race & the Media final, then Monday morning I have a Sociology exam. I am counting down the days!! However, being practically alone in my apartment for days hasn't exactly made me as "studious" as I'd like. I guess because by the time I get to finals week, I am already certain that I've passed the class so I just. don't. caaaaare anymore! You ever get that feeling? It seems like a constant thing for me every semester. I mean, as I type this now, America's Next Top Model is playing in the background and it's a season I've already seen! Seriously, I am a champion procrastinator.

On the subject of my title, here are a few more movies I am stoked to see this Summer!

Did I miss anything? What movies are you guys excited to see this Summer??


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