Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Featured Sponsor: Sarah from Zzouzi Vintage

NAME: Sarah Azzouzi
AGE: 24
HOMETOWN: Portland, Maine
BLOG: Zzouzivintage.com

What are five words to describe you?
Outgoing, stubborn, passionate, artistic, determined

How did Zzouzi vintage get started?
Well, I've always had a passion for history and fashion, and when my sister and I have gone to thrift stores since a very young age and to say we have a bit of a shopping problem is an understatement. We started collecting pieces that didn't even fit us because they were beautiful. We thought that we might as well start a shop since we couldn't excuse our excessive shopping anymore (2 out of my 3 walk in closets were already full! whoops!)

Where do you find inspiration?
We found ourselves drawn to pieces that reflected todays style but from thirty years ago! Knowing how fashion is an endless cycle of trend and sillouette repeates we thought - why not just sell pieces that can easily fit into any 20-something year olds closet as well as classically beautiful pieces such as 50's dresses? We wanted to provide high quality vintage items, that were well made, at a reasonable price.

What advice would you give someone wanting to start their own small business?
Stop thinking about it and just do it! Jump in with both feet. Also, make friends, ask a lot of questions, and stay organized. I've got to say the connections I made selling vintage have been everything to me. Not only are other chicago vendors some of my favorite people in the world but everyone has been beyond helpful, full of advice, supplies, and tricks.

What is a typical day in your life like?
Well! Full time I'm a nanny and I do Zzouzi Vintage part time. I spend my weekends doing Zzouzi Vintage things mostly. On a good weekend I get up, grab a coffee from the Coffee Studio and then hit the thrifts. There are usually 3 in my neighborhood that I go to and then if they're dried out (usually not the case) I will drive to some in the suburbs. I've been really lucky to accidentally run into a couple of estate sales while shopping. I try to finish most of my shopping by noon in order to get home and photograph pieces and list them on Etsy. After "work" is over, I try to make it out to at least one social event such as Second Friday's in Pilsen. Next weekend I'm invited as press blogger for the Randolph Street Market! I'm pretty excited about that and this last Sunday I was a vendor at The Vintage Garage Chicago, which I was also on the news for! So every day is a little bit different and a little bit crazy.

What are your current fashion obsessions? What do you try to avoid?
I'm pretty obsessed with color right now. Brights mostly. Colorful lipstick, clothes, shoes, etc. There isn't too much I try to avoid. I guess I'm not too into the half a shaved head thing, but that's just for me personally, if you can rock it - go for it.

Be sure to check out Sarah's blog and Vintage shop!

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