Thursday, 24 October 2013

Awkward Pumpkin

{ Target cardigan, belt & bag; F21 skirt & ring; Charlotte Russe scarf; Macy's moccassins }

I don't have any metaphorical or savvy meaning to this title, it just is what it is: a quite literal pumpkin sitting awkwardly next to me. I picked this one up from the pumpkin patch I visited a couple weeks ago and had the "brilliant" idea to include it in these photos. And that's basically it. At least there won't be any confusion as to what season I was trying to encompass here (pumpkins = fall, you guys).

I know it may not look like I'm wearing a top in these pics since my scarf covers all, but I promise I am. I didn't cite where I bought the top because, well, you can't even see it. Sure in a perfect world scarves can suffice as blouses, but this is real life where that just won't cut it on a windy day. But if you're that curious, it's the same top I wore for this outfit. Now the mystery is gone...

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