Friday, 29 July 2011

Fancy That Friday

1. I've been obsessing for quite some time. Anyone think they're worth it?


2. I must remember to do this!


3. It's the little things, don'tcha think?


4. And I thought I was obsessed...


5. When I have a baby, I'm totally putting this in their room. Even when they're 30.


Before I optained my DSLR camera, I never was able to post any outfit pictures. I just hated the way they turned out on my point-and-shoot camera. But I had to put something on my blog (that's the point of a blog right? to have things to see/read?), and one of those somethings were my Fancy That Fridays (which weren't always on Fridays... but now they are!) where I basically just show y'all things I've been diggin' over the past week. I thought it time I bring it back, what do you think?


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