Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Sweater (Dress) Weather

{ f21 sweater dress & hat; Target scarf; Marshall's tights; GoJane boots }

Whoever invented sweater dresses is seriously my hero. "What? You wanna be able to look cute and wear a dress in cold weather without freezing to death? Sure thing." Bam. Suddenly winter got a little bit more enjoyable. So thank you, mystery fashion genius.

I'm super excited for Christmas this year because I'm heading back to Massachusetts! I fly out Christmas morning and am staying until a few days after New Years Eve. I can't wait! I'm actually going to be in real snow for the first time (I'm not counting that ONE time we got a smidgen of snow flurries in Austin)! I don't think I own a single article of clothing to prepare me for snow, and I'm pretty sure my sweater dress won't be able to help me out either... Should be an interesting two weeks!

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