Sunday, 8 December 2013

Birthday Bundled

{ ASOS dress; f21 shirt & cardigan; DSW boots; Marshall's tights; Target belt & leg warmers }

This is what I wore when I turned 23 last month! Every year my birthday falls on a cold day, so I basically have to decide if I want to either wear a cute dress and freeze or pile on layers of clothes until I'm unrecognizable (which is no fun on your birthday). Girl problems, amiright?

This year I decided to brave the cold and wear one of my favorite dresses ever! It has no sleeves, so I put on a plaid shirt before covering up with my cozy chunky cardigan (which I practically lived in during my stay in Massachusetts, and I'm not exaggerating). I'm surprised I was still able to stay warm! The leg warmers helped a lot. Maybe the 80's taught us something after all...

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