Tuesday, 24 December 2013

So This is Christmas

{ Agaci sweater; Target vest & bag; F21 jeans; Payless boots; Icing necklace }

So this morning I woke up with my left eye burning/swollen (it's pretty much blind now) along with a huge pimple on each cheek, but on the bright side, IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE!! Therefore, nothing will bring me down today! I love the day before Christmas because it's the day when my extended family comes over to hang out and open gifts! I'm excited to eat, drink, and (you guessed it) be merry!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! Tomorrow while you're opening gifts, I'll be on a plane along with the other crazy people who decided to fly on Christmas morning, haha! I can't wait to be in Boston again!! Merry Christmas! :o)

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