Sunday, 19 August 2012

Featured Sponsor: Jenelle of Nelle Creations

Name: Jenelle
Age: 25
Hometown: Ontario, Canada
Blogging since: 2011

What are five words to describe you?
Short, Outgoing, Canadian, Determined, Crafty

What do you blog about?
I am usually blogging about my DIYs and my outfit posts. I also write about other fashion related items that interest me.

Where do you find inspiration?
Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration and is an addiction, but I'm sure everyone who's on that site understands. I also look through fashion magazines and I find looking around my local mall I can find great ideas of DIYs. I'm not a fan of paying full price so if I think I can make it, I will definitely try!

Other than blogging, what else do you like to do in your spare time?
Besides blogging I am usually hanging out with my boyfriend or our friends. That usually includes video gaming, biking around our lakeshore, hiking, going out for dinner and having Jenga competitions. 

What is a typical day in your life like?
A typical days includes going to my day job, going to the gym, blogging and watching Ellen Degeneres. As soon as I get home my PVRed espiode of Ellen goes on as I cook dinner. 

What are your current fashion obsessions? What do you try to avoid?
I am currently obsessed with anything brightly coloured, I find adding a splash of colour really makes an outfit pop and there really isn't anything I avoid, I try to keep a variety.

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