Sunday, 19 January 2014


{ f21 sweatshirt, coat, jeans, & hat; thrifted gingham shirt; DSW boots }

A few months ago I blogged about how I was really into clothing/accessories with donuts on them, and then I received this awesome sweatshirt for my birthday! Ahhh I love it so much! I also love all the weird looks I get when I wear it in public. And of course, wearing this gave me a craving for an actual donut! The carbs and sugar were totally worth it for these pics.

I've had these boots for years, but I never realized just how destroyed they were until looking through these photos. I kept hanging on to them because they were so comfy, and I used to always get compliments on them. Alas, I finally decided it was time to say goodbye to them for good. Hopefully someone at Goodwill can find a use for them (or they might have just gone in the trash... depending on what my mom decided to do with them, haha).

This post was brought to you by Dunkin Donuts. Okay, no it wasn't. I just really enjoy their donuts.

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