Monday, 25 February 2013

Miscellaneous Oscar Thoughts

Who else watched the Oscars last night? I actually attempted to study while they were on which just turned out to be a major fail. They were probably one of the most entertaining Academy Awards I've watched to date. Here's a few thoughts that popped into my mind as the night proceeded...

- JLaw looking gorgeous as always!
- Why does Adele always wear black... always...
- Are those Anne Hathaway's nips?!
- Maybe it's just the dress. But still, why THAT dress?? It's so plain.
- I love that Seth is opening up with his amazing singing voice.
- Seriously, him singing just ranks up his attractiveness tenfold.
- Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Radcliffe dancing/singing together. Life complete.
- Aww, I love Octavia Spencer. I was so happy for her last year!
- Christoph Waltz is so gonna win...
- Oh hi Paul Rudd. And hello Paul Rudd's facial hair.
- Avengers assemble... minus Thor. Isn't he kind of important?
- Jennifer Anniston, will we ever see what your hair looks like up? What are you hiding under there?
- I should start carrying around cut-off music every where I go.
- Halle Berry said the P word, and now I'm uncomfortable.
- I like her dress though.
- So many James bond movies I'm unaware of...
- I've fallen asleep through 2 James Bond movies, and have only seen 1 all the way through. Oops.
- So much Argo hype. I hope they put it back in theaters!
- Catherine Zeta Jones, you may be old but you still got it! Love this song so much.
- That dance may have been too sexy for the Oscars.
- Now everyone from Les Mis is coming out. My eyes go right to Amanda Seyfried. Is that normal?
- I wish I could sing.
- I didn't even like Les Mis very much, but that was pretty impressive. 
- YAY a girl is representing my university at the Oscars! 
 - They keep showing important parts of the movies nominated in their clips... Spoiler alert much?
- Kristen Stewart, what are you doing here?!
- At least pretend to look excited.
- Ugh. Just let Daniel handle this okay? Go brush your hair.
- Harry Potter is forever better than Twilight and you know it!
- What's wrong with Renee Zellweger's face?
- Also, where the heck has she been...?
- How cool would it be if Jennifer Lawrence won.
- And she trips. I love her more now.
- Oh, there's Meryl. Time for someone else to win!
- Daniel Day-Lewis, no brainer. He was an amzaing Lincoln.
- He didn't even need an envelope, everyone just knew he had it.
- Argo takes Best Picture! At least Ben gets something.
- Ben, what are you even saying right now?!
- I hope Seth sings again.
- I GOT MY WISH! Yay for happy endings.

Were y'all surprised, upset, or "knew it all along" about any of the wins?


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